"It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will be victorious in a hundred battles without even a single loss; if you know yourself but do not know your enemies, for every victory you will have one loss; if you do not know yourself nor your enemies, you will lose every single battle".
Art of War by Sun Tzu

EDGE consulting uses highly effective turnaround approaches. We start working with our clients long before the start of the project. We begin with detailed planning and thorough scheduling. Next steps are plan execution and results assessment to improve and prepare everything for the next cycle.
Working alongside your project team and using our approach we identify and address the problems that can commonly appear almost in every project.

With implementation of our approach our clients will receive:
  • Improved control over execution
  • Compliance to the developed schedules
  • Contractors accountability
  • Management and availability of project team

Using our turnaround approach with advanced planning, thorough scheduling and schedule optimization we are helping our clients to lower the risks,greatly improve efficiency, reduce the budget and achieve great results.