EDGE consulting project managers work at petrochemical complexes across Canada, USA and Europe. We integrate our methods and solutions into turnarounds, maintenance teams and capital projects teams, and often work on multiple different sites with the same company. We use our world class tools and approaches to improve the results of our clients. With our solutions our clients receive a significantly improved return of investment, while project teams will appreciate the involvement into the improvement process.

For Turnarounds and Capital Projects:
  • We monitor and analyze important variables, making checkups for readiness at designated intervals (for example 2 and 16 months) before the execution. After analysis (through data analysis or on site observations) our experts provide recommendations for immediate action. We also analyze the project office identifying its strenghts and inefficiencies, pointing out the opportunities and of course assess the risks.
  • With our tools we improve accountability and communications. Improvement process includes the involvement of every participant of the workflow - owner, project teams and contractors. Only with advanced cooperation and coordination it is possible to achieve a highly effective state of "one precise mechanism".
  • We work closely with personnel to make the optimal plan. With the use of our tools and methods the best plan is developed.
  • We work with major Engineering companies to make a realistic and effective Engineering schedules. This opens way to project success from the early stages of planning.

For Maintenance and Operations:

  • With the use of our tools we point out the already existing and possible opportunities which can be successfully used in the improvement process.
  • We analyze performance and financial data, positive and negative KPIs to see what should be improved.
  • To create a highly effective and realistic plan we evaluate the maintenance workflow from the beginning to the end and compare the performance to the world class standards and high efficiency models.
  • To rise teams cooperation and coordination we observe the teams interactions and key meetings. And based on the achieved data we provide effective solutions.
  • We make improvements alongside your team. Using approach of advanced training and coaching, we use discovered potential and opportunities creating a sustainable improvement in processes and personnel behaviors.