EDGE Consulting is working in the different fields of manufacturing industry, from agricultural machinery and food production to commercial and military aircraft / ship building. All of our project managers constantly studying and learning of the application of tools and approaches. We closely work with our clients personnel and implement our solutions where appropriate. We are focused on performance and continuous improvement. We strogly believe that we can help you to make the necessary changes to achieve world-class results.

Edge consulting recent manufacturing work:
  • Oil well component manufacturer; product quality improvement, compliance to the delivery schedules; with reduced amount of rework.
  • Coaching in oil related business for Lean manufacturing program.
  • Commercial aircraft plant; efficiency improvement of final delivery team.
  • Military contractor; production line efficiency improvement and unit cost reduction.

Our tools and solutions can target, discover and help you use opportunities and potential big and small alike. Together with coaching of your personnel, this can provide a dramatic changes in your organization efficiency and allow you to achieve world-class results.